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Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year Resolutions....

New Year's Resolutions are all about setting goals and making plans to achieve them, but how many of us are really following them? Its a million dollar question!

I bet, a very few would put their hand up and say that I have been following my new year resolutions. Some say New Year's resolutions are meant to be broken, but that doesn't stop people from making them!

"This is the year" so the resolution goes, "that I vow to lose ten pounds and keep it off." Other common variations include goals to get up early in the morning and go to gym! Sadly, New Year's resolutions are notoriously short-lived, if not completely forgotten by February.

Is this not something that people make fool of themselves?

Wish all the bloggers a Happy & Prosperous New Year! May the New Year bring you & your family peace, happiness and good health.

This might be my last post of the year! See you all next year! Have fun!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

License to Drive

A license to drive is truly an accomplishment for anyone and It brings with it a feeling of achievement and freedom. I was giving driving lessons to one of my friend who had just finished his 6 hrs of driving classes through driving school.

On an auspicious Sunday morning, we reached the deserted parking lot of a mall. My friend got behind the wheels for the first time, tightened the seat belt around him. "The seat is not comfortable. The ones that I had driven before were not like this!" he told me, to emphasize the point that he was a veteran of several driving episodes. He then adjusted the mirror and yes, tuned the player to listen to his favorite music.

A few foul starts later, he zoomed to a start and we went into an orbit around the earth. It took only a few minutes to realize that his driving school experience amounted to nothing.

I said "Watch out the speed limit, its 45 mph and you are driving 25 mph", he replied "No problem, I'm driving well below the speed limit". "Hey.. why are you cutting through the solid lanes", "I know, but there is no one around". "Why are you going on the left side of the road?", "I know, but I wanted to make sure that I'm far away from the parked cars". He was unteachable. I was just praying that we should reach home safely without any damage to the car, as it was a rented car .with NO insurance! :)

And now after a couple of driving lessons (not sure how many hours we were on the roads), we went to a private school to take the road test. He did his best, but was not good enough to clear the test. He parked way away from the curb on a parallel parking and a couple of mistakes here and there...!

Back to the parking lots to practice parallel parking. He did well and was determined to take the road test the very next day. I had my fingers crossed! For a moment he had his heart in his mouth when the examiner summed the marks. He cleared the test and looked relieved.

Oh boy! He was a terror on the road. I would just not forget these fearful moments for years to come!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Saying goodbyes...

Saying 'Goodbyes' are never easy...! I went to the Airport this morning to see off my roomie, who has become an intensely close friend over the last year! It is a moment that is nearly impossible to describe to those who have not experienced it...! I will never forget all the laughs we've shared and all the fun moments we spent together.

I just hate to say ya good bye... it makes me so blue...! My dear PAL, you will be missed!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Last year, This time...

I woke up this morning, thinking of what I was doing last year, this time.. I was in San Francisco with a group of friends visiting places and I just couldn't forget the thrilling experience we had when we were driving to the airport to catch our flight back Salt Lake City. Our flight to SLC was at 8.45pm PST and we were already late to start from the hotel. After driving a couple of miles, we realized that we were driving in the wrong direction! As we forgot to take the driving directions, we had to call our friend to guide us through to the airport. It was of no use, as she was not able to give us proper directions to the airport, so we were aimlessly driving in the highway, not fun!!!

It was 7.30pm and to make things worse, we were running out of gas, with only a few gallons left. We couldn't find a gas station nearby. Atlast we found a gas station after driving 12 miles. The tank was almost dry when we reached the gas station and if we had not found this gas station, it would have been the end our hopes to reach the airport.

It wasn't easy for us, even here at the gas station... the gas didn't pump and we were wondering why.. in the haste everyone failed to notice that the machine was 'out of order'. We had to rush to the next slot to fill gas. In the meantime one of my friend went inside the gas station to ask for directions.

Atlast we had the directions to the airport, but we had to travel another 16 miles to reach the airport. By then, it was already 8.10pm.. we were driving nuts in the highway as we had very little time to reach the airport! Due to the holiday weekend, the traffic was heavy and we also had to make sure that we don't end up in an accident.

Here comes the climax.. we reached the airport at 8.35pm and there were like 300 ppl in line to clear the security check-in. We knew that we had to bypass this queue to board our flight. So we approached one of the security personals and told him that we had to catch the Delta flight to SLC which was about to take-off momentarily. He was so kind and helped us to bypass the queue and reach the security point. We were the last people to board the flight and a few moments after we fastened our seat belts, the flight took off and we had a breather..!

One of those thrilling moments that i cannot forget in my lifetime! :)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Sourav Ganguly's selection in the Indian squad for Pakistan

"Whichever way you look at it, Sourav Ganguly's selection in the Indian squad for Pakistan, shows that not a lot has changed in the way Indian cricket is run." - Sambit Bal @ Cricinfo

So true that, over the last fifteen years India’s extraordinary economic progress has been accompanied by some pretty staggering political upheaval. The inclusion of Saurav Ganguly in the Indian Cricket team for the tour of Pakistan makes no sense. Ganguly's record in recent months have been mediocre. If it is a decision influenced by public sentiments or political compulsions, then we are not making any justice to ourself.

Public opinion really doesn't matter to the BCCI members, nor are their interests always aligned with the interests of the public.They want to run their organisation like a business and not in the welfare of Indian cricket.

The BCCI are backward and hindering the development of the game due to the short-sighted, political corrupts in control of Cricket in India. In the long run, Indian cricket needs a well functioning BCCI to prosper.

Friday, December 23, 2005

A good friday...

I woke up late this morning and was feeling so lazy to go to work! I logged in to scottrade to check how the stocks are doing this morning.. I was taken by surprise that one of the stocks that i sold last week was down $5.. the company had announced forecasted earning for the next quarter and they were not good! It was good enough to bring the stocks down.. but i was feeling glad that i had covered my stocks and have not lost any money! Even though i sold my stocks for a loss last week, i was covered by other stocks that were doing better than expected!

After i got to work, i was inquisitive to see what had happened to the stock after an early morning shock. It was worse and the people who invested in this stock would have burnt their fingers if they had not put a stop-price sell.

I was wondering what would have happened if i had hold my stocks until today and had not sold them last week. I just couldn't even imagine what would be my future with stock trading. I would have lost 50% of my money and its going to take more than a year to get back what i lost!

Men in Blue...

India have produced good quality attacking (Sehwag, Sachin, Dhoni, Yuvraj) and stroke players (Dravid, Lakshman, Kaif) who can demolish any attack and good spinners from time to time. The fielding has improved a lot over the past year with the advent of more youngsters.

Chappell came into the team and changed Indian cricket style. I would say he has done an outstanding job and have made the Indian team look different. They are now a rejuvenated team and there has been a sudden change in the attitude of the players.

If India can continue playing positive cricket then we are well placed to lift the World Cup in 2007. Good Luck to the Indian team!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

When Friendship Hurts

Think of the word ‘betrayal’ and what comes to your mind? A traitor who sells his country’s nuclear secrets? Someone who leaks sensitive military information? A trusted party member who defects to another group leaving you with one short of majority?

Well, the answer is “all the above”. But haven’t we left someone out? Someone who was once a ‘great’ friend of yours – and who is now on the top of your Most Hated list? Yes, we’re talking of the Big Betrayal – by a ‘close’ friend who has hurt you in a way that you find hard to forgive and forget.

So, how does one recognise a potential betrayer – and given that you have already suffered a betrayal - how does one deal with the trauma?

In his book When Friendship Hurts: How to Deal With Friends Who Betray, Abandon, or Wound You , Dr. Jan Yager picks out six kinds of people whose friendship could cost you dear.

The Promise Breaker: How often has your best friend promised to meet you for a cup of coffee or post a letter for you – and conveniently forgotten about it? That’s the promise-breaker – someone who constantly disappoints you or breaks promises.

How to tackle it: You could either abandon the friendship, or you could find a way to detach yourself from the hurt. How? By lowering your expectations from this friendship. If he/she promises to do something for you, smile your thanks but don’t expect them to fulfil their promise.

There is another way. Perhaps you have been keeping your disappointments to yourself. Perhaps he/she is unaware of his/her own behaviour. So try telling them how it makes you feel, and there’s a good chance that things will change for the better.

The Self-Absorbed: All of us are familiar with this type – the class heroine who can’t stop talking about herself. The self-absorbed is a tamer type of negative friend. A friend who goes on about himself, his achievements, his friends, his rich cousins... and has no time to listen to you is simply not worth it. The self-absorbed does not care, he/she listens to you only because he/she is waiting to speak.

How to tackle it: Perhaps you could gently ask the self-absorbed friend if he/she seems to notice that the give-and-take is unequal, that they take more of the spotlight than you ever get to do. If you really value this friend, you might want to plan an activity such as playing tennis or going to the movies, where you get an equal chance to participate. This would be a good way to convey the message.

If you suspect your friend is incapable of changing his/her behaviour and you want to maintain the friendship, protect yourself by being more careful about the information you share.


I think it has become a habit for me to dream everyday... I'm able to see/meet new characters, whom i have never met in my lifetime... I was taking an internal survey with my friends of how many ppl dream everyday... surprisingly its only 2 out of 8 ppl dream everyday... it started to become more interesting and i asked a few questions myself...
a. Why do we (ppl) dream?
b. What is the reason & what does it mean?
c. Is it a mental stress?
I was just driving nuts having no answer with me, then i wanted to search the net to find out if there are any answers to my questions!

People have been trying to discover the truth about dreams for centuries, and the simplest answer is this: dreams are basically stories and pictures our brains create when we're asleep... most dreams happen during the times of night when we are most deeply asleep, and our eyes begin to move around quickly under our eyelids. This may sound creepy, but it's totally normal, and it's called Rapid Eye Movement, or REM. Dream researchers used to think that REM was the only time people dream, but now most experts agree that we can dream at just about any time of the night. Maybe REM dreams are just our most memorable and realistic dreams.

The experts disagree on just why we dream. Here are some of their theories:
Some say dreams don't really have a purpose; they're just one of those things that seem to happen for no reason.
Some say dreams are our brains "twitching." Because our brains are basically huge collections of information, pictures, and feelings, when they "twitch" in the night, all kinds of strange things come out and get thrown into dreams.
Some say dreams are a way to process all the events and emotions of the day, and are important to our mental and physical health.

Many dream experts agree that recurring dreams, dreams that you keep having over and over, probably have some sort of special meaning. Even if you consider most of your dreams to be strange stories that don't relate to your normal life, it could be that a dream that keeps reappearing is trying to tell you something. You might want to try remembering the details of a recurring dream and making sense of what it might be telling you.

Here's a list of some universal dreams. Count how many of these you've had in your dreamz: I am marking a Yes/No to the one's that i remember to have experienced! :-)
Chase or Attack: A criminal, monster or hungry animal is chasing you. No
Losing Something: You drop or misplace a valuable or important object and can't get it back. No
Finding Something: You find something unexpected, like a room in your house you never knew was there before. Yes
Celebrities: You meet someone famous. Yes
Failing: You can't remember any answers to an important test, or you suddenly can't play your instrument during a big recital. Oh yes.. i just couldn't forget this dream, once i had a dream of writing my final year exams and failing to remember the answers... :-(
Flying: You soar happily through the clouds looking down on the world. Yes (This is a quite common dream)
Falling: You fall off a cliff or into a huge hole. Yes (Common again)
Naked: You show up at school or in another public place without clothes. Yes (This is one of my nightmares.. I still remember going to school without my shirt.. ofcourse in my dreams though.... :-)
Lost: You're somewhere you've never been before and can't find your way back home. Yes
Late: You miss the bus or the school bell or you're late to some other important event. Yes
Stuck: You're in danger, but you can't move your legs to run, or you can't find the voice to yell. Yes